Speed Master.

8-Colour Perfecting Press

Heidelberg is an innovator and world leader across all segments of the printing industry. As a company synonymous with innovation, and a passion for producing the highest quality printing equipment, our customers can rest assured of superior quality offset print results, every time.

The Heidelberg Speed Master is an 8-colour perfecting press, recognised around the world for high output, versatility, and economy, together with consistently high-quality print results on both sides of the sheet. This high-specification, offset printing press works with a common maximum sheet size of 720mm x 1020mm and can effectively handle large volumes of sheet-fed stock at high-speed, printing on one or both sides in a single pass.

Based on a user-friendly operating concept, the technology employed within the accompanying control system offers highly autonomous printing from start to finish.

This advanced level of automation is the driver that empowers the Speed Master to achieve extremely reliable performance, and optimum results, over and over again. Adding to this foundation of reliability, this unit also serves up a good portion of versatility, with the ability to easily handle a range of print stock weights, from 65gsm through to 300gsm, both coated and uncoated.

Heidelberg press 1

Precision technology is built into the process to ensure perfect sheet travel and stable production for optimised speed and efficiency, with significantly less waste.

These enhancements result in shortened make-ready times and enable this perfecting press to produce consistently high-quality printing on both sides. High-precision tools are utilised once again within the sheet piling controls, along with automation to decelerate and straighten sheets for optimum stability and control. Automated plate changing technology also works to make this process quick and precise, while further time and cost savings are achieved through an intelligent and economical washing process that combines short washing times with excellent washup results.

Heidelberg press 2

The inking and dampening system is also built for quality, achieving standout results through a focus on tried-and-true technology combined with computerised innovation.

All aspects of ink delivery are controlled to achieve stable print quality over the entire production run, which results in high contrast and homogenous printing of solid areas. When it comes to colour, the Speed Master offers enhanced flexibility by handling multiple Pantone colours as well as a 4-colour process, while achieving exceptionally reliable colour results through the advanced colour and register measurement and control system. This advanced level of operational control enables the perfecting press to operate efficiently, with consistently optimum print results, greater accuracy and stability, at various operating speeds.

Heidelberg press 3

With the Heidelberg Speed Master press, our customers can sleep well at night, assured that their offset printing needs will always be met quickly and consistently, with an extremely high-quality printed product as the final result.