750 A2.

10-Colour Perfecting Press

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In today's highly competitive and unpredictable business environment, being agile and adaptive to change has now become imperative to survival. The Ryobi 750 is a high-speed, high-specification, mechanically robust press that handles a wide range of offset printing work, making it the perfect choice for diverse, short-run printing jobs.

Boosting a reputation for exceptional reliability, advanced features that shorten make-ready times, and the ability to achieve fast turnaround between jobs, the Ryobi 750 is a high-performance, flexible operator, that shines when the pressure is on. Ultimately, this gives our customers the power to create superior printed materials and publications that are timely, relevant, and truly stand out from the crowd.

With a common maximum sheet size of 510mm x 720mm, this press is ideal for printing high-quality, A2 sized publications and posters on a variety of paper and card substrates. During peak print periods, this machine can take on workflows from both our A1 aqueous coating press and the Heidelberg perfecting press, which gives us volume flexibility during peak printing times. The high level of automation that is built-in to the system, plus mechanisms and features that ensure accuracy and stability over time, enable this press to achieve consistent results and uncompromising quality at high speeds, with the ability to print up to 16,000 sheets per hour.

Another key strength of the 10-colour perfecting press is the ability to print both sides of a sheet in one pass, with up to four process colours on each side.

This capability makes it ideal for printing multi-page brochures without interrupting the process for cleaning and plate changes, saving time, money, and resources.

RYOBI 750 1

The secret to the Ryobi 750s dynamic nature lies within the various automated systems that reduce manual labour and shorten make-ready times.

This means that functions such as colour-setting, plate-changing, and cleaning can be controlled centrally, with ultra-precision, at the press of a button. Ink supply is finely tuned and automated by the computerised system, which can analyse and optimise ink functions down to the finest detail. Right from the very start of printing, ink is automatically supplied to match the print image. After the programmed number of sheets have been printed, the ink on the rollers is automatically returned to an even state before moving smoothly on to the next job. This level of control enables the press to operate efficiently, with consistently optimum print results, greater accuracy of image matching and stable ink supply at any operating speed.

RYOBI 750 2

The Ryobi 750's unparalleled print quality over many years has been achieved by ensuring that the many mechanisms and components within the press are strong, durable and constructed with high-precision.

Paper transport stability is enhanced by a double-diameter printing mechanism that minimises flapping, even when working with heavy stock. A double-sprung gripper mechanism provides for reliable sheet-gripping, while ultra-precision, ultra-durable internal components guarantee consistent printing results over time.

RYOBI 750 3

The diversity of this press is further enhanced by the ability to handle a wide range of thin to thick substrates, which remain stable during paper feeding due to advanced features within the delivery section.

For example, enhanced controls for decurling, suction and air blowing ensure that sheet piling remains stable, even when settings change.

RYOBI 750 4

Overall, the Ryobi 750 is an offset printing press that empowers flexibility and change, without compromising quality.