920 A1.

5-Colour + Aqueous Coater

In the fast-paced world of offset printing, the Ryobi 920 can easily handle today's diverse and ever-changing needs, while maintaining superior cost performance and top-quality print results.

With a maximum sheet size of 640mm x 900mm, and maximum printing area of 900mm x 615mm, the Ryobi 920 is perfect for A1 sized publications and posters, with the capability to also produce 8-up printing of A4 and letter sizes. For even greater flexibility, printing can be done on thin paper (from 0.04mm) as well as thick (up to and including 0.6mm), which enables seamless handling of a wide range of printing jobs on most types of paper and board.

The high-precision, high-speed nature of this multi-colour, offset print press is exceptional, with a top printing speed that runs at 16,200 sheets per hour.

The outstanding results achieved by this printing system come via a range of built-in mechanisms that utilise the very latest in offset printing technology. High-tech controls employed by this press include tape slow-down, suction controls, air blowers, ultrasonic signal detection, double-diameter cylinders and sheet decurling. These modern printing advances work to automatically prevent sheets from bouncing, maintain stable paper feed and transport, boost sheet piling performance, and prevent double sheet feeding. The result is an extremely advanced system that uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the printing process remains smooth, secure, and consistent, while maintaining accuracy at high speeds.

RYOBI 1 920 1

This powerful mix of high-speed plus superb quality is further enhanced by a system that provides ultra-reliable ink and water control.

The Ryobi 920 automatically corrects colour densities with precision and alters variables such as ink supply, dampening and temperature, so that print quality is always controlled and consistent, even on long print runs.

RYOBI 920 2

The high-quality appearance and durability of printed materials can be further enhanced by the optional addition of an inline aqueous varnish coating.

This element adds versatility and value to the final product by providing a glossy finish that not only looks superb, but also provides protection from wear and tear to printed products such as flyers, brochures and business cards, which are often subject to high levels of handling. The gloss application also increases printing productivity because it shortens the drying time needed before the product can be packed for delivery.

RYOBI 920 3

The superior cost performance of the Ryobi 920 is well known within the printing industry.

This economic advantage is the result of high versatility, the ability to handle a flexible range of print jobs, and markedly lower printing plate costs and power consumption, when compared to similar equipment. The automated technology built-in to this offset printing press also makes for exceptionally smooth and efficient handling of print quality and workflow elements, which results in high productivity, less waste and reduced labour costs. The compact size of the press also allows for better utilisation within a workspace, and a smaller operating footprint.

RYOBI 920 4

All in all, this is the ideal offset print press for high-productivity, high-quality printing at a lower cost for our customers.